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Emc Ventures, LLC
Emc Ventures started almost 20 years ago with an idea to outfit kids going to summer camp and provide merchandise kids would actually like to wear and use.  
Starting with a modest few hundred dollars in a shared apartment living room, Emc has grown to outfit and service some of the finest Camps, School, Sports & Entertain Franchises, and Fortune 100 Corporations.
Using that experience, Emc developed technology to create individual customizable eCommerce sites for organizations.  We build and sell logo'd apparel and accessories for Organizations with as few as 1 to over 100,000 members.
Check out for yourself what's so special about Emc Ventures.  Give us a call today and we'll tell you how we can help your Organization promote your brand. P: (313) 771-2100 E:  
Meet our Team
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Michael Cohen, CEO

Michael founded this ground-breaking company which was the industry’s first mail-order Camp and School Outfitting Company. 


The “secret sauce” was providing ultra-high quality active wear from such companies as Adidas, Under Armor, Champion, and Columbia Sportswear, then branding that apparel for specific Camps, Schools, and Corporations. 


Michael created much of the technology used to provide an inventory-less apparel model and organized processes so well, items could be created 1-off and personalized with the Organizations Brand.

Carly Ladoucer, HR

Carly is responsible for benefits administration, facilities and helping Emc attract and retain top-level talent. Since taking charge of our HR department, Carly has helped shape our company culture and improve employee satisfaction.

Ross H. Rulney, CFO

Ross is a visionary leader with an extensive track record of solving complex problems and improving financial results. His background includes many large commercial and retail developments.


Ross has extensive experience and leadership and provides consulting and long-term business strategy, and fiscal responsibility.

Philip Krumholtz, VP of Sales

Phil has helped guide the strategic direction of Emc along with developing partnerships with numerous large Camp, School, and Corporate Organizations nearly 30 years.


He seeks out opportunities to drive Emc forward, including winning new accounts, strengthening customer relationships, and assisting with the company’s expansion. An integral part of the company's success.

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